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The Promenader is our online publication, full of news, flyers, schedules contacts, and more information about dancing in our area.

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We are grateful to outstanding dance leaders in our community. Here is a way we can honor them for their service.

Welcome to the New RAF/Promenader Web Site

We hope you will be pleased with the new web site, which combines the old RAF web site with Promenader news and information.

This first ePromenader issue is dedicated to Betty and Andy Ludwick. During their 16 years as editors, they turned the Promenader into a work of art.

Betty has tirelessly and meticulously shepherded the transition from the printed version to this electronic version. Her attention to detail is amazing. All of the good looks and organization of this new web site can be traced back to the Ludwicks. (Any ugliness or other issues you find are solely due to the implementers’ inability to follow her design.)

Most of the material that was in the printed Promenader is now available on the web site. So look around and see what you can find.

And when you see Betty or Andy, congratulate them on all of the good features you find on the new web site.

Thank you, Betty and Andy, from the entire square dance community.

Betty and Andy working on the ePromenader