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Here's What's Happening...

We are going online !

You may want to save this issue because it is the last one we will be printing commercially, and distributing via second class mail at the Post Office.

The current general editors are unable to continue on, and have not been able to find new recruits to take over.

But this publication has been published for over 52 years, and should not be discontinued just because no one is available to do it. We still want to provide you with access to Rochester area dance news. We have expanded our editorial staff over the past few years with the intention of easing the burden on new general editors. But, since no one has stepped forward to edit the printed version, we need to try a different solution.

This summer, a panel of interested dancers began exploring the possibility of “going online” with the Promenader. A major advantage we have in our area is that there exists a Federation website already in place. Much of the information contained in the Promenader is already on this website. We began to look at how an online Promenadercould be part of this website. The current editors, Betty and Andy Ludwick, are working with Web Moderators Sid Marshall and Peter Emmel, and the Promenader Panel to design and implement making this the home base for the Promenaderpublication.

One important aspect of this online publication with be its printability. We want to make it possible to print pages, or whole sections of the publication, from the website. It will of course not look exactly like these printed pages, which are all produced at once by a commercial printer. This is because each browser has its own way of rendering pages for printing. So how it looks will depend on what software/hardware is used. But we will try to make all necessary information printable in some form, whether via a dancing friend, a club reporter, or a Federation communications person. Although the online Promenaderis free, please remember that printing pages involves some expense. So you will need to make arrangements and pay any printing and first-class mailing costs involved. The Promenader Panel members and Federation board are still working out the logistics of this change.

But we hope that for most readers, the format that will work best will be viewing it on the FREE website. We are attempting to make it as “user-friendly” as we can, and viewable on as many different platforms/devices as possible. Without the limitations of physical printed pages, we expect to be able to expand the amount of information we can include. Free online access, as well as free ads for Federation clubs, should increase and enhance the marketing efforts of both small and large clubs.

Then, starting in December 2014, those of our readers who have internet availability will be notified and encouraged to view the Promenaderon the Federation website. Our subscription process will consist of signing up to be notified.See the following page for specifics.

Here's How It Will Work:

What we need from you:

Patience and good will, as the task ahead is formidable.

An email or in-person subscription from you if you wish us to notify you when new information is available.

A message from you if you need help with paper copies of any part of future Promenader issues.

Here’s where to contact us:

Email: (Use SUBSCRIBE as the subject of your email.) There is no charge for an online subscription. Please let us know your name and club in this email.

In Person: Come to the Federation meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 17 (or subsequent ones), held at the First Baptist Church of Rochester, 175 Allens Creek Road (corner of Clover Street), starting at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome! Or sign up at the Promenader Dance on Sept. 27.

By Phone or Snail Mail: You may reach a member of our Promenader Transistion Team, Peter Emmel, by phone at 585-732-1004. (If Peter doesn’t answer, please wait for the beep and leave him a voice mes-sage with your name, phone number, and the best time to call you back. You can also write to him at 24 High Hill Dr, Pittsford, NY 14534, stating your wish to remain a Promenader subscriber even though you lack internet or printer access. Please also include your club affiliation, if any.)


Our full-page advertising rates for now will stay as they are ($30) for non-RAF groups. All clubs affiliated with the Rochester Area Federation will be able to place PDF flyers in for NO CHARGE. Club news and dance schedules will also continue to go in FREE. The only charge will be for a listing in the SPECIAL EVENTS section, which will stay at a cost $5 for all. Contract advertisers will be contacted individually.

When It Will Happen:

We expect to test out a sample website during the fall months, and “go live” with our new online Promenader before Dec. 1. When it is ready, we will notify all subscribers who have signed up. Before the next issue comes out, we hope to have a communications person in place at the Federation, and plan to send out a flyer to clubs about this.

Please note:



RESUBSCRIBE before Nov. 15 by emailing us: Put SUBSCRIBE in the subject box.

OR sign up at the Promenader Dance on Sept. 27, 2014 (see page 24).

OR at a Federation meeting (see page 6).

Summer Fun

[Roving Reporter]

Ok, it has been a really fun summer: Lots of great dancing, like the June Jamboree; trips; cruises; even a Tractor Dance...again (thank you, Ron)! But lets not forget the fun picnics. I caught Top Powers doing the “Dogs,” and Roger VanPatten with the spatula...and Tom Mallory just savoring the moment. Inside were cards, whatever...mostly just people being with people whom we have come to love...and you can’t find a better example of that than Liz, Barb and Irma.

20140901-summer2.jpg 20140901-summer3.jpg

So now, lets get serious: classes are starting and I know that the Cloverleafs and the Copy Cats have some very ambitious if your club is not having a class, check out their flyer and grab a carfull of unsuspecting friends and GET THEM STARTED ON THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES!

20140901-summer4.jpg 20140901-summer5.jpg

Be sure to caution them though: Do Not Do This unless you seriously want to live 10 to 15 years longer; be healthier than you ever thought you could be, and are ready to add a new and fun dimension to your lives...and something you can do together with your spouse or special friend. AND, if you don’t have either of those, square dancing is FDA-approved as the absolute best place to find one!

We can’t wait to square up with you.

Roving Reporters - Dick and Irma Halstead

ALS Benefit Dance

[Roving Reporter]

Dave Eno and the Fulton Shirts ’N’ Skirts, as always, donated all of the proceeds from their 5th Annual ALS Benefit Dance to the ALS Research Fund. Kathy Lahey, the area representative, thanked Dave and the club for the over $2,000 donation.

This year’s dance was held at the air-conditioned Polish Home in Fulton, N.Y., on Saturday the 7th of June, from 2-10 p.m. I am happy to report that, even though the Shirts ’N’ Skirts are our easternmost club, and over 100 miles for some of us, we were well represented and helped make the event another fun and financial success.

For most of us, ALS is not even on our radar; few people know about the disease; it is typically referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” to make it recognizable. Dave Eno, his father Phil, and the Fulton Shirts ’N’ Skirts are working closely with Kathy, doing all they can, not just to generate research funds; however, also to create awareness, and to somehow give meaning to, and as a tribute to his mother and our never to be forgotten friend.

On behalf of the Shirts ’N’ Skirts and the Enos, our thanks to the Rochester Area Federation. Don’t miss the 6th Annual ALS Dance next year. We need YOU!

Roving Reporters - Dick and Irma Halstead

So When Is the Last Time You Danced to Tim Marriner and...

[Roving Reporter]

For those of you working on your Century Club, Red Bates big Tumbling Leaves Festival at Bennington College is rapidly approaching Oct. 17-19, and Red assured us over the 4th, at his annual Rocky’s Weekend, that our reservation at the Best Western is all set - and we have the Party Room! I always recommend the meal package at the College also. Can’t beat the deal...and like everything else with square dancing, it’s the people: friends, and making new ones!

One thing to note for you newer dancers, there are halls for every level, Mainstream right on up. A great opportunity to hone your skills; learn new ones; and make life-long friendships. Don’t miss the boat on this one...and on the way, view some of the prettiest fall scenery on the planet.

If you check out the flyer, there are six great “Big Time” callers and two great cuers. We danced with the MacKays, who were cueing the 2+2s at the 4th of July Weekend with Red, and guarantee you will love her...and if you are a “solo” lady, her husband Robert hates to just watch!

Of course, you don’t have to wait until October to dance with Red, “Mr. Smooth”; he will be at Watkins Glen in September for the Penn Yan Friendship Squares biggie...and I point out that “Walk-Ins” are welcome. Check out the deal on their flyer.

Tell your friends about all the fun you are having, and don’t forget to add:

“Don’t Envy a Square Dancer. Be One!”

Roving Reporters - Dick and Irma Halstead

In Memoriam - John Statts, 2 Oct, 1919 - 13 July, 2014

20140901-statts1.jpg 20140901-statts2.jpg

Another of Americas, “Greatest Generation” passes...and if you knew John as I did, you would hardly expect this diminutive man to have been the war hero that he was...but when he told me that he had been assigned to the 47th Bomb Group flying A-20s, then classified as a Medium Bomber, you would have immediately known that you were talking to a very lucky man, and your respect for him would take a Quantum Leap! To be here, alive, and talking to me in the mid 1990s, at Mike Callahan’s Shamrock Squares, was certainly defying the odds.

Until I talked to his wife of 31 years, Christine, to get material for this article, I had not known that both of their previous spouses had died, and they had met dancing with Bob Ellis’ Diamond Squares, and were married in a “Square Dance Wedding” a few years later, in 1983. Curiously, they and the Diamond Squares then danced at the same church on Culver Road where we danced for years with Mike Callahan’s Shamrock Squares...and also, earlier, with the Circulators.

When WW2 started in Europe in 1939, John was twenty years old and positioned to experience the whole thing: Through the African Campaign, Italy, and Germany. In those days there were no defined deployments - your orders read: for the duration and six months!

Do not misunderstand: I do not downplay the heroes of all of our wars, and that includes everyone, whether draftee or volunteer; whether male or female. When you have answered your nation’s call, you know what I mean...and you also know what I mean when I say: John deserves your snappiest salute.

Christine lives at 104 Church Hill Road in Henrietta, and can be reached at 585-334-5095. We hope to find an occasion soon to call and take her out to lunch; send a card...some expression of our love and best wishes.


Roving Reporters - Dick and Irma Halstead