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For those who know Dick and have been wondering how he and Irma are doing, here is a glimpse in the form of a November 2 letter to Mike and Wanda Callahan …

Hi Wanda: Sorry that we have been complete Zeros there … and in our communications.

Unfortunately Irma’s “Restorative Surgery,” that Dr. Klutz assures us can,“Fix the Problem,” is yet in our future.

When after the seeming endless Physical Therapy and other “Hoops” that had to be jumped through to demonstrate that the problem was indeed “Structural” and that Corrective/Restorative Surgery was indeed necessary (their new 3-D like pictures showed the bottom half of the implant is ok but that the top that embedds into the femur is what needs fixing) … and that his office would schedule the procedure.

When we were notified that that would not be until this coming February, we decided to do Myrtle Beach Jan, Feb and Mar as usual, and push the date out until June … which we did.

Now we have “Scrubbed” Myrtle Beach, as everything seems to be worsening, and are trying to get it moved back … but so far we have not heard back and her first pre-op appointment is still not until 5 June 2017, and with the operation being performed on 20 June.

Be assured that we have not become recluses! I still do my canal walks, harvest trees to feed the fire, and host trick or treaters … in this case, our great-grandson Graham, his mother Crystal (whom you met at a rowing competition) and Frank and Deb, our oldest son and his wife.

But, we did not renew our Copy Cats membership … I did dance some with their last class … mainly to get pictures. But after over twenty continuous years as “The Roving Reporter,” I have not yet made any submissions for the up-coming Winter Issue of the Promendader.

So, it is not like either one of us is sick, or bummed out; we have a great many interests that fill our lives with inspiring and creative work … but having said that: I never go to sleep without having prayed many times during the day that we can accept this adversity, and that the day will be hastened when Irma can walk at least relatively pain free … and with assurance.

Know that we love you and all of our many great friends there, perhaps we can show up for the Christmas Party, that would be nice.

Love You

Dick and Irma

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Remembering John and Daphne Fink

[Roving Reporter]

It seems only a short time ago that I was sitting at the computer, fingers poised above the keys, wondering what I could possibly say that would do justice to this lady, Daphne Fink, who, born in Australia, and with her startling blue eyes and cute and saucy Aussie accent, wooed and won the heart of one John Fink, then a young American Airman assigned there as part of the 81st Air Depot Group during the terrible years of WW2.

As I (and certainly many of you also) can attest, some marriages seem literally “Made in Heaven.” By small and wondrous means, God’s purposes are worked in this world.

Daphne died at age 91, on Dec. 8, 2012; John continued on until age 98, on Nov. 3, 2016. In their 68 years of married life, just being who they were, their lives would have an impact on all of us reading this, far beyond that of any other couple that I know: Our own most prestigious award, The Daphne-Norma Leadership Award, traces its origins directly to this couple.

Consider this: for many years our beloved Promenader was a printed publication. It was printed in the days when photo-engraved plates had to be made to print each page … a very time consuming and expensive process. That complete historic file would not exist on my desk were it not for John Fink. I quote the following from our long-time Editors, Betty and Andy Ludwick.

“John owned and operated an engraving company in downtown Rochester, and contributed much in the line of printed pieces, tickets, DOR programs, and many other promotional materials over the years, in addition to being a leader in square dance activities. Daphne and John danced at several clubs, with Boots ’N Slippers as their home club, and they served in multiple offices besides that of presidents of the Federation.

“Together with Frank Salvaggio, John established the Daphne-Norma Leadership Award, named in honor of their wives, to inspire and encourage others to participate in their beloved dance activities.

“But most importantly from a historical approach to square dancing in Rochester was John’s role as printer of the Promenader for more than 30 years of its existence. Andy and I remember fondly being welcomed into their home as we dropped off the monthly issue. Back then, making film negatives and printing plates were part of this process. It was only when John’s eyesight started to fail that he had to step down from this activity, and eventually from his business. Also notable about John was the wonderful melodious timbre of his voice and his cheerfulness.”

Thank You for those words, Betty.

John was a 1936 alumnus of Aquinas Institute, a proud veteran of WW2, and a self-employed businessman. I am certain John and Daphne together were much beyond what we can cite here in these few brief lines of tribute and remembrance, but reviewing some of the attached pictures, one can see one of their greatest joys was found in Square Dancing. They were of course past president of Boots ’n Slippers, their long-time “Home” Square Dance Club, and also Past Presidents of the Rochester Area Federation of Round and Square Dance Clubs.

John and Daphne were longtime parishioners of the Holy Cross Church. John was a member of Toastmasters and Knights of Columbus. See John’s full obituary elsewhere in this Promenader issue.

Dick Halstead, Roving Reporter

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Shirley Barnum Receives Circle of Service Award

Shirley is one of the longest, if not the longest participating member, of Silver Squares at this time. In many ways she is the HEART of Silver Squares. She was often the first person a new dancer would meet and she always made them feel so welcome. She started out going to Silver Squares at the Redman’s Club; then followed it to the Legion Post off Lake Avenue; and then to the Greece United Methodist Church on Maiden Lane in December of 2007.

During all these years she has been president four years; vice-president, secretary at times, helped with the treasurer’s job, gone to Federation meetings and more — willing to do any job that needed doing. Shirley was very much involved in our 25th Anniversary Dance in 2010.

We at Silver Squares are proud that she is receiving the “Circle of Service Award.”

Ruth Uhrenholdt

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Life Membership Given

President Henry Capron honored Sharon Meyer with a life membership in Cloverleaf Squares at their Thanksgiving dinner/dance on November 13. She steps in wherever she is needed and currently is one of the Contract Coordinators who hire the callers and cuers for Cloverleafs as well as the Tri Club and the DOR dance and does the contracts for the facilities where they dance. She helps the treasurer by selling the 50/50 tickets at the dances. She also takes the minutes at the board meetings.

Sharon has been an active member of many square dance clubs since she joined Swinging Singles in 1987 and became their class representative. Living in Farmington, she joined the Victor Swing-a-longs and when they needed a secretary, she filled that position. When the treasurer of many years, Laura Palmer, decided to step down, Sharon took on that responsibility along with hiring the callers and cuers for this club. After two years, she and her husband Jim took on the presidency.

When she became single, she then joined Cloverleaf Squares in addition to dancing at Victor. Her first position at Cloverleafs was Banner Stealing Chairman. That was really popular then as there were more clubs and dancers and it was fun to visit other clubs to steal or retrieve a banner. It looks like banner stealing may be making a comeback again. The vice presidency called and both she and Arlene Cooper shared the position and planned all the social activities. Arlene did not want to take over as president so Sharon did it from 2002–2003 while still working full time and taking a college course or two every semester. The second year Kate DiNolfo shared the presidency.

Mary Lou Altman was the contract coordinator for Cloverleafs and she decided to step down after several years so Sharon stepped in and has had this position since 2003. Marge O’Shea now shares that position with her.

Chuck and Sharon got married in 2003 and he was the CCR representative to the Federation and after the vice presidency, they became presidents from 2006–2011. The former insurance chairman, Don Hunger, passed away in 2006 and with no prospects to handle the insurance for the Federation at the crucial time when the insurance paperwork was needed; Sharon once again stepped in to do what was necessary to keep the ball rolling. There is always the need for more than one person to know what is required for that position, so Sharon asked for a volunteer to help with the insurance position and Carol Ann Stahl stepped up to help out. Chuck & Sharon received the prestigious Norma Daphne Recognition Award at the 2012 Dance-O-Rama for their continued support and promotion of square dancing.

Behind the scenes, Chuck is a willing partner and Sharon couldn’t do all this without his help and support.

Congratulations Sharon on earning this reward for all your continued support for not only Cloverleafs but the square dancing community in general.

Henry Capron, President
Cloverleaf Squares

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North of the Border: Napanee Pioneers Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary

On October 22 the Napanee Pioneers Square Dance Club celebrated their 50th Anniversary. Napanee is a small Canadian town with a population of 4,000 directly across Lake Ontario from Rochester. However, the town’s enthusiasm for square dancing would put many larger places to shame. The organizers had spent the previous year successfully promoting their dance throughout Ontario. The mayor opened the evening’s program by congratulating the club and welcoming all the dancers. Over 250 dancers joined the Napanee Pioneers at this one-day festival which showcased Tim Crawford and Dave Hutchinson calling everything from Basic & Mainstream thru Plus & Advanced calls.

Dancers came from as far away as Sudbury, with several groups driving from Hamilton, St. Catherines, Peterborough and of course, Toronto. Dave and Karen Eno and a square from Cayuga Cut Ups made the trek to Napanee to dance with Tim and Dave. Peter and Sally Emmel also invited Tom & Angela Franz and Tom & Joan Powers from Village Squares to join them at their nearby cottage for the festival weekend.

Tim sent his best wishes to his friends at Rochester’s Country Twirlers and told us he misses calling in Rochester. Dancing with Tim again was even more fun than we had remembered.

Dave Hutchinson’s parents, also still dancing, asked to be remembered to their good friend Mike Callahan. It was a reminder of what a close-knit group square dancers are and how much the friendships and camaraderie of square dancing means to us all.

Sally Emmel

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Fright Night With the Village Squares and Friends

On Friday, October 28, The Village Squares kicked off a new season of their special Friday night dances with a “Fright Night” costume bash. Six squares of dancers, most of them in full costume, enjoyed the music of Jerry Carmen and Gil Porter.

The costume judges had a hard time deciding on a winner, eventually settling on runners up Jim and Diane Lucy (Pirate and his wench) and winners Marie Gorse and Jerry Barker (Alice and the Mad Hatter).

Between tips everyone enjoyed an amazing spread of unique snacks by Karen Olmsted, Stephen Barkley, Mary Jo and Dave Webster that included — among many other delights — body parts, insects, worms and dirt! Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the accompanying photos.

Peter Emmel

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Everyone’s Polish on Dyngus Day

On March 28, 2016, the Batavia Silver Stars carried on the tradition of Dyngus Day. This springtime Polish celebration on the Sunday after Easter features numerous traditions, and the Silver Stars included many of them. In addition to the festive outfits and lively dancing there were lamb cakes, traditional desserts and pussy willow sprigs to take home for good luck.

The Dyngus Day celebration is rooted in eastern Europe and traces back at least six centuries. It includes various traditions in different countries, but here in America, the largest continuing celebration takes place in Buffalo, NY — not far from Batavia — with parades, music and parties all around town.

Thanks to Jan Bencic, caller Bill Ryan and all the Silver Stars for hosting such a fun evening. It was well worth the drive!

Peter Emmel

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In Memoriam: Donald Kent Ellinwood, September 3, 2016

Montezuma — Donald Kent Ellinwood, 87, of Montezuma passed away peacefully Saturday, Sept. 3, 2016, at Geneva General Hospital with his loving wife at his side.

Don was born in Auburn on May 25, 1929, the son of the late Donald Sr. and Mildred Clark Ellinwood, and had been an area life resident.

He was an Air Force veteran having served our country honorably during the Korean War. Prior to his retirement, Don had been employed by the General Electric Company of Syracuse for more than 40 years.

He was an active member at SS. Peter and John Episcopal Church in Auburn and was a longtime member of several Masonic Lodges. Don held numerous positions as a Mason, such as Past Master of Port Byron Lodge 130, Past High Priest of King David Chapter 34 (RAM or Royal Arch Mason), Past District Deputy Grand High Priest of the 25th Grand Chapter, Illustrious Master King Hiram Council 18 (CM), Past Commander Salemtown Commandry and member Sagoyewatha Commandry 17 (KT). He also received the highest honor, given to only one Mason each year in New York, the KYCH.

Don was also on the Board of Assessment Review in Montezuma.

Don cherished all the time spent with his family and friends. He thoroughly enjoyed over 42 years that he spent square dancing with his wife and friends. Together they were members of the Cayuga Cut-Ups Square Dance Club (Auburn) and Jerry’s Fun Shop (Rochester and Auburn). Don enjoyed his collection of clocks that were displayed throughout their home. Don’s gentle smile, charismatic ways and soft voice, that would never be raised for anything, will forever be missed by all.

He is survived by his best friend and wife of 64 years, Marian Keating Ellinwood, sister-in-law, Marjorie Ellinwood, brother-in-law, Walter (Beverly) Keating, son-in-law, Charlie Wilmarth, three grandchildren, Cheyenne, Dillon and Kevin Wilmarth, as well as several nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

In addition to his parents, Donald was predeceased by all of their children, a daughter Deborah Mander, in 1977, son Kevin, in 2000, son Richard, in 2012, daughter Susan Wilmarth, in March of this year, two grandchildren Theresa and Leo Mander, and a brother Robert “Bruce” Ellinwood.

Don’s memorial service was held at SS Peter and John Episcopal Church, Auburn. Burial was at Fort Hill Cemetery, where military honors were accorded.

Contributions may be made in his memory to SS Peter and John Episcopal Church’s Youth Fund, 169 Genesee St., Auburn, NY 13021.

20161201-Ellinwood-DonEllinwoodObitPhoto.jpg 20161201-Ellinwood-DonEllinwoodKayAndyGeneDOR2007.jpg

In Memoriam: John Joseph Fink, November 3, 2016

Rochester: Born May 20, 1918, passed away November 3, 2016, at age 98. Predeceased by his beloved wife of 68 years, Daphne; grandson, James Leach; parents, Christian & Barbara K. Fink; his sisters, Cecilia, Viola, Gertrude & Barbara; and infant brother, Gerard. Survived by his children, Marilyn (Jim Maloney) Leach, Raymond (Mary Linda Quinn) Fink, Garry (Patricia) Fink, Valerie (Eugene) Andolina & Thomas (Sharon) Fink; 7 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren; his sisters, Agnes Slominsky and Theresa Huskey; nieces & nephews; and family friend, Jim Haley.

John was a 1936 alumnus of Aquinas Institute. He was a proud WWII Veteran, where he was a member of the 81st Air Depot Group. While stationed in Australia, he met his future wife. He was a self-employed businessman and a member of the Civil Defense. He enjoyed square dancing, was past president of Boots ’n Slippers Square Dance Club, past president of Rochester Federation of Round and Square Dance Clubs, and a longtime parishioner at Holy Cross Church. He was also a member of Toastmasters and Knights of Columbus. He enjoyed vacationing in Maine with his family and friends.

John’s Funeral Mass was held at Holy Cross Church. Interment, was at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Friends wishing may contribute to Holy Cross Church.

John Fink was co-founder of the Daphne-Norma award, one of the highest honors in Rochester square dancing, which he and Frank Salvaggio named after their wives. The accompanying photos highlight the impact of this award through the years, showing John & Daphne with Bob & Lou Stevens; a DOR lineup of Daphne-Norma award recipients; with Daphne-Norma award recipients and long-time Promenader editors Betty & Andy Ludwick.

Read more about John and Daphne Fink’s extensive square dancing activities in Dick Halstead’s Roving Reporter article in this issue of the Promenader.

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