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Welcome to the Summer, 2015, Promenader. There are several items in this issue that deserve your special attention. I’ll get to those below, but first I want to tell you about our plans for “re-purposing” the annual Promenader Benefit Dance.

Expenses for the online Promenader are far less than they were for the paper version, so a fund-raiser to benefit the Promenader is no longer urgent. However, rather than cancel this dance, it seems much more appropriate to continue this traditional “kick-off” to the new dancing season … except with the proceeds re-directed to a more compelling cause, namely new dancer recruitment.

I hope that this new focus will be supported by you — the dancing community — as part of the vital process of attracting new dancers to our clubs. Past Promenader benefit dances have drawn over 10 squares. Let’s bring at least that number of dancers to the floor in support of new dancer recruitment.

How will this work? The RAF is establishing a fund to be used in support of individual clubs’ recruitment efforts — such as advertising, open house events and beginner dance parties. (The RAF will soon provide details of how this fund will work.) We plan to donate the proceeds from the 2015 Promenader Dance to this fund, which will reimburse clubs for their recruiting efforts.

Please join us for the “re-purposed” Promenader Dance! It will be held on Saturday, September 26, at the Archangel School (see schedule pages and flyer in this issue).

Comments on the 2015 Summer Promenader

Many clubs take a summer break to avoid dancing in the heat, but there is still plenty of dancing to be found — in air-conditioned halls! Also, several clubs host summer picnics. Take a look at the schedule pages in this issue to see what’s offered.

Classes are also available in Plus and Round dancing. Read the Boo Bull and Copy Cats club news and look up their schedules (sorted by club) to find out where these are being held. (In the near future, we plan to expand the Class/Club Dance section to include a listing of area classes at all levels.)

Dance-O-Rama 2015 was a big success. You’ll find photos and commentary from our Roving Reporters in the “Photos & Features” section, as well as a brief write-up on the Federation page. You'll find more DOR photos on the Federation Facebook page at Square Dancing in Rochester, NY Area.

The RAF reports that feedback sheets turned in at the event were overwhelmingly positive. The DOR committee is already planning next year’s event, so if you didn’t fill out a feedback sheet, please take few minutes now to send your feedback and suggestions to Warren Olson at:

Articles in this issue also cover the awards that were presented at DOR 2015. One of these — the Circle of Service Award — is a national award. In reviewing the archives we have not been able to locate a record of local recipients. If you have any information that could help us put together a list of past Rochester area recipients, please let us know ( We would like to add it to the Federation website.

There are updates to the list of Club Presidents & Contacts, as well as improvements in navigation ease. In the Federation section, there are updates in the officer listings and meeting schedule.

In other Promenader business, I’m pleased to announce that, beginning September 1, 2015, our advertising rates for non-RAF-affiliated entities will be reduced and simplified. Ads and flyers from RAF-affiliated entities will continue to be posted free of charge, and “Special Event” listings for any entity will continue to be $5 per event, but non-RAF ads & flyers will drop to a $10 per issue, and will include a listing in the Special Events section.

Peter Emmel
Interim editor of the Promenader
email to:
voice mail: 585-732-1004