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[President's Corner]

Oh, What a Night!

Oh, What a Night! Dance-O-Rama 2015 was a great success. The Federation has established a permanent theme this year: Rochester’s Square Dance Festival. We introduced the Lilac on our new dangles: after all we are in Rochester! And to top it off, we moved to a new Eastside venue at Perinton Recreation Center on Turk Hill Road.

We don’t have the exact numbers, since Mary Ann Lane, the Federation treasurer, got the accounting done and then went on a well-deserved vacation visiting family. However, based on some basic math we estimated 244 attendees this year, which is up from last year. Financially, between baskets and entrance fees, the Federation cleared about $1300 this year. Oh, what a night!

We did receive about 30 feedback surveys, overwhelmingly positive. The new venue proved to be very comfortable once we got all the rooms situated. We have already made an application to use the same venue next year on May 7, 2016.

We can credit much of the success to the callers and cuers who worked with us to develop the dancing program this year. We would like to expand on some of the offerings next year, possibly offering workshops, maybe including a DBD introduction, and enhancing the Round Dance Party. We are already hard at work contacting callers and cuers for next year and should be able to issue a flyer by the end of the summer.

Thank you to everyone who served on the Dance-O-Rama Committee this year. We are looking forward to a great 2016 Dance-O-Rama.

Warren Olson
Federation President