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President's Message

Oh What a Year!

Welcome back to all the vacationing dancers. We are looking forward to a great new dancing season to begin in September! I know a few clubs have been dancing and instructing all summer long, and for those who have attended, that will show in your dancing skills come September when we get back to normal schedules.

Fast-forwarding ahead, the Dance-O-Rama committee has been hard at work through the summer. After positive comments on our new venue last May, we decided to go right back there next May 7, 2016. We have a great caller/cuer line up. Mike Callahan, Dave Eno, Ron Brown and Brad Diebert are going to be the callers. Mark Thone and Jerry Carmen are the cuers. We have added another dance hall for this year in hopes of offering a little more room. The schedule is being worked on at the time this is being written, and I am looking forward to a great “mini festival” as we move toward offering a little more variety.

But, first we must get there. We have a series of open houses listed. At last count, there are 14 listed starting September 3 and running through October 12. If you have a flyer, make sure it shows up on the website for everyone to see and copy. It would certainly be wonderful to see another 50 or more graduates march into Dance-O-Rama next spring! We all know it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to get people interested in dancing, but once they try it, they are usually hooked.

Please bookmark the RAF website on your computers and smart phones as you will not want to miss any of the action this season. All the club news is on the Promenader portion of the website, all the flyers, and — most important — the calendar. There are many special events listed, including the demos that clubs currently have scheduled, and of course we have some out-of-town guest callers coming in. In my book, nobody should miss the opportunity to dance with a new caller.

We have a lot of dance opportunities coming this year, and I look forward to meeting you in a square sometime soon.

Warren Olson