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[President's Corner]


President’s Corner

As I sit looking out my window this cold snowy February Day … Oh … Wait … Its 2016 … The temperature hit 60 yesterday and the only snow to be seen is in some leftover piles by driveways. I just want to let all the snowbirds know it really isn’t so bad in Rochester in the middle of this winter. Well, with the middle of the winter comes a great number of dancing opportunities. It is very easy with our great new website to check out these opportunities —

Just go to: http://squaredancingrochester.org … but, of course, if you are reading this you have gotten that far already. Go to the “Special Events” tab and there you have the front page from our “Paper” Promenader. I just checked, and as of today’s issue it prints on 4 pages of paper so you can hang it on your refrigerator with every other important upcoming event.

So now moving along the special events list you will come to May 7th, 2016. This is truly a special event for our Federation — It is the 58th Dance-O-Rama 2016. We will be dancing at Perinton Recreation Center again this year. Dancing starts at 2:00 pm and runs through until 9:45 pm. We have Four great Callers this year, some of whom you probably already know: Dave Eno, Brad Deibert, Mike Callahan and Ron Brown. And for you Round dancers we have Mark Thone and Jerry Carmen. So, seriously, you rarely get to dance to a better staff than that. This year we have added a third hall, which will feature an A2 Session with Mike Callahan, followed by a Round Dance Party, which will be followed by a Line Dance Session with Jerry Carmen. And these are just in the third hall. We have more going on in Halls A & B, so check your schedules.

We will again run our Club Challenge Promotion. The rules are simple. The club with the highest percentage of members attending will win $50.00. We do include all class members in the count, and the official club count comes from your fall insurance participation. So, which club will it be this year? Tickets have been recently distributed, so make sure you buy your ticket and show up at the dance.

It’s time to get practicing for the next dance. We shall meet in a square soon.

Warren Olson, Federation President