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[President's Corner]


February 2017

Hello Square Dancers!

We are on the downslide of the winter season and hopefully the worst will be soon behind us, because have we got plans for the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

To start off we have the ever-popular Tri-Club Dance on April 8, 2017. This dance will be featuring out-of-town caller Glen Paulhamus, with Lisa Treichler cueing the rounds. Lisa will start with a half hour of rounds before the square dance begins its Mainstream/Plus program.

The 59th Dance-O-Rama follows May 6, 2017 at the Perinton Recreation Center 1350 Turk Hill Rd., Fairport, NY. This event starts at 2:00 pm and runs until 9:45 pm. Featured callers are Gary Bubel, Ron Brown, Gil Porter, and Dave Eno. Featured cuers are Lisa Treichler and Alice Bubel. Please see the flyer for more details.

A new dance this year is the Trail thru to June Jamboree on Thursday June 8, 2017. This dance features national callers Gary Shoemake and Ken Bower, with Mark Thone cueing the rounds. Early rounds will start at 7:00 and squares will follow from 7:30 to 9:45. Location is Church of the Assumption in Fairport. All recent graduates are welcome and invited as the dance will be both Mainstream and Plus. Please see the flyer for more details. We will have discount vouchers available to members of all RAF clubs.

Cloverleafs is featuring Ron Reardon calling and Alice Bubel cueing on Saturday July 22 at the Henrietta Fire Hall. This dance comes after the Betsy and Roy Gotta dances on Sunday August 13 and 20 — also at the Henrietta Fire Hall. Please see the flyers.

The Bubels are featuring a Rochester favorite as Johnny Preston comes on Tuesday, August 15. Early rounds start at 7:00 with Alice Bubel, followed by squares and rounds from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. This dance is at the Henrietta Fire Hall. Please see the flyer.

We recently had another new opportunity fall into our laps for Friday, August 25, 2017. Hailing from Arizona, Mike Sikorsky will be the featured caller with Alice Bubel cueing rounds. Dance location will be the Henrietta Fire Hall 3129 East Henrietta Rd., Henrietta, NY. This dance will start with early rounds at 7:00 followed by squares and rounds until 9:45. Please watch for a flyer for more details.

And we aren’t through yet as we have the 2nd Annual Fall Friendship Ball Saturday on Saturday, September 23, 2017. We listened and have a new location this year dancing at the American Legion, 1513 Palmyra St., Shortsville NY. This dance welcomes all recent graduates and old pros to get acquainted, dancing starts at 2:00 and runs to 5:15. Callers are Mike Callahan, Gil Porter, Jim Gotta. Cuers will be Mark Thone and Chuck Meyer. Following the dance we will have a buffet dinner at 5:45. Ribbons will be available and reservations are required for dinner. We will start selling tickets at Dance-O-Rama this year. Please watch for a flyer for details.

So, I am thinking we have a great dance offering with plenty of variety this summer in addition to continued club dancing! As I’ve said before, all recent graduates are invited and encouraged to dance to national callers. There are opportunities for everyone to hit the dance floor this year and nobody should be rusty next fall. This is what square dancing is meant to be! See you in a square.

Warren Olson — President