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[Forms and Documents]

This page provides a link to the RAF Constitution and By-Laws. It also contains descriptions of RAF club reimbursement and insurance programs, providing links to further information and/or downloadable forms.

RAF Documents

1) Constitution And By-Laws

Click HERE to download a copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Rochester Area Federation of Western Round and Square Dance Clubs, which was last updated in February, 2015.

2) Membership and Renewal Form

The club renewal form is HERE.

3) New Dancer Recruitment And Retention Funding Programs

As our Constitution states, one of the main purposes of the Federation is to “promote interest in Western style Round and Square Dancing.” As we currently do not have a promotional committee to serve in this capacity, the Federation is supporting two different financial assistance programs to help clubs as they “promote” on behalf of themselves.

We encourage all clubs to utilize these programs, to help them thrive and grow and thereby make square dancing in the Rochester area stronger. The programs are described below, and links are provided for downloading reimbursement and grant application forms.

3a) Reimbursement For New Dancer Advertising Expenses

(Click HERE to view or download the reimbursement form as a PDF file)

The intention of this program is to help clubs offset the cost of advertising for open houses or other events that are intended to bring new dancers into square dancing. Advertising can include a variety of things including promotion over the web, radio and print media such as lawn signs, posters, and flyers. Valid expenses may include printing cost and posting cost, air time, etc. The reimbursement is limited to a maximum of $60 per club per calendar year. Valid expense receipts should be submitted to the RAF Treasurer. Reimbursement is NOT guaranteed. The RAF has the right to decide not reimburse for items it feels were inappropriate in any way. Funding for this reimbursement comes from the RAF general fund and is sent to the club designated on the reimbursement form.

3b) Grant For New Dancer Recruitment And Dancer Retention Efforts

(Click HERE to view or download the grant form as a PDF file)

Even with our “normal” open houses, classes and club dancing, we are still losing too many of our dancers at the end of each season and we are not getting enough new dancers to replace them. Therefore “special” or “different” events may be in order to either attract more new dancers or encourage more graduates to keep dancing. Events can be anything from “super advertising” to a community event to special dance. In order to help both organizationally and financially with a special event, the RAF has created a grant program to offset costs up to $125 per event.

The financial aspects of the grant program will be tracked by the RAF treasurer. Funding for the program comes from four sources (all starting in 2015): net proceeds of DOR basket raffle, net donations collected “for RAF recruitment and retention,” any dancer memorials donated to the RAF, and any undesignated gifts to the Federation. An individual or a club may only use one grant per calendar year. The club or the individual must complete a grant form IN ADVANCE of the event (suggested minimum of 6 weeks before the event) and submit it to the RAF President for approval.

The grant form is a brief marketing plan that explains the goal and plan of the event, and how its success will be measured. The RAF President and board may provide suggestions on enhancing or optimizing the event and may encourage participation by other clubs. The RAF President may approve funding of up to $125 per event. After the event the grant form is updated with the results of the event and sent to the treasurer along with supporting receipts. Payment will be made back to the requesting club designated on the grant request form. If the grant program does not have sufficient monies, the Federation may decline the grant request or it may approve moving money from it’s general account into this grant program.

4) RAF / USDA Insurance Forms

The RAF makes insurance available to member clubs by participating in the United Square Dancers of America (USDA) “Dancers Insurance Program.” Every year the RAF Insurance Coordinator distributes insurance enrollment materials to club representatives, collects completed forms, submits them to the USDA, then receives and distributes the resulting certificates of insurance.

In most cases, this is all that’s required for the whole season. But if additional forms are needed, they can be downloaded from the USDA website using the links below.

Following is a list of the most common forms you may need from the USDA site. You can download these forms, then fill them out and print them to send to the RAF insurance coordinator

The same USDA forms page also has various information sheets and resources that you can download:

5) ECMA “Dancer Down” Formation And Guidelines For MEDICAL EMERGENCY During a Dance

Click HERE to download a useful sheet that’s related to dancer health and safety. It explains the ECMA “dancer down” formation, which is the universally recommended procedure to follow when a dancer goes down during a tip. (ECMA stands for “Emergency Call for Medical Aid.”)