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Printing Details

Printing Details for “Ads & Flyers” Thumbnail Array and for “Photos & Features”

Almost every ePromenader section can be printed without any special steps, by simply “hitting the Print button” in your browser, just as you would for any other web page or document.

This page covers the two ePromenader sections that do not always print in the best-looking format from a simple print command.

These sections are the “Ads & Flyers” thumbnail array section and the “Photos & Features” section. Both of these sections give better-looking hard copy in some browsers when print scaling is adjusted away from default values. The hard copy layout for these two sections will be more pleasing (and use less paper) if you use your browser’s “print dialog” or “Print Preview” options to adjust the “Scale” (and in some cases the orientation) of your print output.

Each browser has its own particularities in displaying and printing web content. The following “recipes” give steps needed for scaling printouts to get the best results when printing these two sections from four specific setups.

If you don’t find your specific setup here, then maybe one of these will be close enough that you can adapt it for your setup. If that doesn’t work, ask a friend for help or contact us at and tell us what Internet device and browser you are using. We will do our best to find the answer.

If you find better settings that given here, please contact us also so we can add your feedback to our knowledge base.

In our opinion the best print format for the Ads & Flyers thumbnail set is a 2x2 (four-to-a-page) array in “portrait” orientation, and the best format for Photos & Features is with two columns per page, also in portrait orientation.

To get these results we have found that on a Windows PC Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers give the best results, while on a Mac the Mozilla Firefox browser gives the best results. The Safari browser on a Mac gives useable hard copy but not as pleasing as the others.

Remember that these adjustments are only needed for printing the best-looking hard copy for two ePromenader sections: Photos & Features and the thumbnail array on the Ads & Flyers page. All other ePromenader sections and all Federation pages print just fine with default print settings.