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About the Promenader…

This publication includes information to help Round and Square Dancers stay informed about dance activities planned for Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas. It is divided into eight sections, as indicated by the yellow buttons on the promenader page. Return to the Promenader Home Page by clicking the “Promenader” button at the top of this and every other page.

Some sections, such as the DANCE SCHEDULES, can also be accessed via the HOME page and the FEDERATION page. Navigate back to the Promenader, Federation or Main Home pages by using the buttons at the top of each page.

Please click HERE to read our Editor’s message for the current issue, and please click HERE for answers to Frequently-Asked Questions about the “ePromenader” and its online presence and the new RAF web site. The FAQ explains many of the choices that were made in creating the new format. Click HERE for advice on how to save paper and ink when printing the various sections.

We hope this publication will keep you as informed as possible about Square and Round Dancing in our area. You may contact us at:

Submission Deadlines

The due dates for submission of club news, dance schedules, ads, and event listings are as follows:


Please follow the ePromenader submission guidelines.

The Promenader is published under the auspices of the Rochester Area Federation of Western Round and Square Dance Clubs, Inc. The editors reserve the right to edit, omit, or delete any material submitted for publication.

The Promenader encourages and welcomes other publications to reprint articles of interest. Please give proper credit.

To Subscribe

Online subscriptions: Put SUBSCRIBE in the subject box, and email to In the body of your message, please include your name and club affiliation.

Online subscribers receive an email alert when each new issue is posted. All content is available to everyone even if you do not subscribe.

Listing Your Special Event

To have your dance or other event listed on the Promenader Home Page in the Calendar of Coming Special Events, please send (before the submission deadline) $5 one-time payment per event (check made out to Promenader) to Ken Georger, 44 Kernwood Rd., Rochester, NY 14624. Also before the submission deadline, please email your event information to: In your email, please include the event date, club, event name, location, and caller/cuer, and attach any flyer that is associated with the event. List early, as your event listing stays in place until the event happens.

Ad Information

All RAF-affiliated clubs may advertise their dance flyers for free. There is a $5 charge for listing a RAF-affiliated club dance as a special dance.

Items sponsored by non-RAF groups are $10 each, for each three-month posting period, regardless of size. Each paid ad includes a free listing in the Calendar of Special Events, where it will remain until the event occurs.

Multi-page ads will display only the first page but will display or download all pages when clicked. Dance flyers, notices and lists of special dances will stay posted until the dance or event occurs.

For details about ads and flyers, please refer to the Ads & Flyers section of our “Submission Guidelines” document, using the link given in the Submission Deadlines section above.

Items for this section can be submitted at any time and will be posted as they are received, without regard to quarterly submission deadlines.

Payment should be made by check payable to PROMENADER and sent before the deadline to our business manager, Ken Georger, 44 Kernwood Dr., Rochester, NY 14624.

Volunteer Staff

Past Editors

Betty Ludwick     phone: 585-334-2835     email:
Andy Ludwick     phone: 585-334-2835     email:

Interim Online Editor

Peter Emmel     phone: 585-381-5049     email:

Website Administrator

Sidney Marshall     phone: 585-249-9881     email:
Jim Gotta     phone: 585-421-9241     email:

Roving Reporters and Log-in Editors

Dick Halstead     phone: 315-926-5638     email:
Irma Halstead     phone: 585-233-8036     email:

Business Manager

Ken Georger     phone: 585-247-7259     email:

Dance Schedule Editor

Bonnie Allen     email:

Class/Club Editor

Sharon Meyer     phone: 585-924-8792     email:

Club News Editor

Leon Smith     phone: 585-353-5683     email:


Susan Thomas     phone: 585-385-2155     email:
Sharon Meyer     phone: 585-924-8792     email:
Mike Herne     phone: 585-924-6991     email:
Peter Emmel     phone: 585-381-5049     email:
Sidney Marshall     phone: 585-249-9881     email:
Cindy Adams     phone: 585-266-4692     email:
Carl Webster     phone: 928-600-7096     email:
Jim Gotta     phone: 585-421-9241     email:

Promenader Operating Committee

Peter Emmel     phone: 585-381-5049     email:
Sidney Marshall     phone: 585-249-9881     email:
Warren Olson     phone: 585-703-5181     email: